iPhone 6s Stand for Mackie Big Knob

After years with my trusty iPhone 6s, I decided it was time to upgrade. My phone was at the point where anytime I needed to use an app, another one would have to offload first. Super annoying. Calls and texts with my wife would often not come through either, so THAT was definitely an impetus to upgrade. But what would become of my old partner in crime? One day while sitting at my desk, I realized that the 6s fit PERFECTLY beneath my Mackie Big Knob Passive monitor controller, and could then be used easily as a remote for Logic Pro. I mean…as if it was ordained by heaven itself- perfection. Thus began my journey of attempting to create a stand for said iPhone 6s since there was nothing similar to what I needed online for a reasonable price.

In the picture above you’re able to get a good glimpse of what I was going for. I wanted the phone to blend in almost seamlessly to the Big Knob and appear, really, as an extension of the hardware. There were a number of obstacles preventing me from getting this project started. The first? I don’t own a protractor! How would I get the angles I needed for the cuts of the wood? I took measurements and attempted the math to determine the angles, but for some reason I couldn’t get the numbers to come out right…maybe that’s why I’m a musician? Anyway… I finally realized I could just unplug the Mackie and get the angles by conforming my mitre blade to the various edges.

The second obstacle? The ONLY saw I own is a mitre saw; a good one to own, but doesn’t perform well with small, very precise angled cuts like this. Or maybe I’m not a good carpenter? Again, perhaps the reason for taking up music! I battled with the monster for hours attempting to shave down angles and crooked cuts. I even had to construct wooden “holding” pieces to manipulate the stand since my fingers were getting way too close to the mitre saw while cutting, hence adding to the crooked cut issue.

I finally ended up with a wedge that was DECENT enough to work with, perhaps sand down enough to make it useable. I had to use a drill to notch out a hole that the camera lens could jut into, which you’ll see in the top left corner of the picture above. I then glued on a small lip to the front of the wedge to hold the phone in place, sanded, and spray painted the wedge black. The finished product turned out pretty decent!

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