Logic Pro X – Alchemy Issue

When Apple’s Catalina OS update hit, it spelled disaster for many creative types like myself. All of a sudden countless plugins I relied on weren’t working with Logic, and half the time I couldn’t even get Logic to open as it was getting hung up scanning for these now “faulty” plug-ins.

I finally got things straightened out with my 3rd party plug-ins (and unfortunately had to ditch some altogether), but now I was experiencing strange issues with Alchemy- a very powerful synth/sampler housed within Logic. Whenever I would open a project, I would be slapped with seemingly endless dialogue boxes telling me that there were specific LFOs necessary to Alchemy that couldn’t be found. The boxes would take me to finder windows and request that I manually locate said files. I attempted everything I could think of to fix this issue with no luck.

Finally, I broke down and called Apple Support. GUESS WHAT: they had no idea what was going on either. Perfect! Just my luck…I spent a couple hours off and on the phone with one super helpful tech that ultimately led to our discovery of the root problem. It turns out that some old files associated with Alchemy (from when Camel still owned it) were not delete don my Mac when a newer Apple/Logic version was installed- this was back in 2013, and the problem FINALLY was rearing it’s ugly head. So if you’re having this issue, here’s your fix:

There is an old component (Alchemy.component) that needs to be deleted. Path:

This will immediately fix the issue. The version for this component was listed for me as: “Alchemy 1.55.0, © Camel Audio 2012” and it showed it was last modified in 2013. Yours might be a slightly different version number depending on when your Mac last updated before moving Alchemy to Apple’s ownership.

Happy Alchemy creating!

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